Happy Marian is a pioneer in the field of Whole English Learning where English is used throughout every aspect of
Happy Marian's curriculum, while balancing subject matter with social skills and physical development.
獨特的美語分區教學 讓孩子透過量身訂做的完整學習計畫 將美語巧妙地融入全人發展的培養中 舉凡孩子在社會化過程中所需要的知識、常識、 技能與生活常規訓練都能透過八大學習區來落實。
All essential knowledge, skills and daily routines needed in early childhood development are key considerations in our tailor made English based curriculum in effort to promote the holistic development of each child. Happy Marian incorporates the Environmental Stimulation Learning Method in Eight Major Learning Zones: Wonder Island, Fancy Kitchen, Reading Train, Science Window, Math Burger, Rainbow Ship, Magic Slide and Manners House. These learning zones aim to build up children’s communication, leadership, problem-solving, logic and cooperation abilities.
Situated learning develops children’s communication skills, leadership, problem solving, logic, and teamwork spirit through “Learning by Doing”. Happy Marian assists our children to be accustomed to multi-cultural differences and prepares them to face the world.
Happy Marian’s comprehensive series of whole language materials for pre-school provides children with accurate teaching lessons through “Learning by Doing” and “Saying while Doing”. Combining “hands-on approach” and “situated learning”, our children can easily develop important cognitive skills.

Happy Marian’s a complete English learning curriculum enables students to grow in all aspects and be competitive
internationally. Our implementation of American primary school education system inspires children’s
potentials and cultivates independent thinking ability by improving listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Fluent reading, writing, and editorial skills are only the basics of what Happy Marian offer. We equip our children with motivations and abilities to further improve their English through well rounded subjects such as math, science, grammar, phonics, and reading and writing, covering all knowledge and skills equivalent to European and American school programs.

Our Study Online system, reading program, book report, and project approach are the cornerstones of building expression ability in English.

During preparation for the Annual Storytelling and Speech Contest, Happy Marian’s students learn to proactively
seek knowledge, organize what they have learned and rise up to the challenge.
The fruits of their labor displayed on stage amaze the audience and awe the judges, bringing the historical people they portray to life.

Through implementation of American secondary school teaching system, including topic discussion,
article reading and news presentation, Happy Marian aims to lay the foundation for in-depth,
well-rounded communication, speaking and writing abilities for teenagers.

In preparation for their final presentation projects, our students strengthen their critical thinking, academic writing & reading skills, thus becoming versed at gathering and integrating information, thinking independently, and expressing themselves accurately. These skills enable them to breeze through international English proficiency tests with ease, allowing acceptance into the top colleges around the world.
Our challenging integrated courses builds upon students’ English proficiency and bring out their leadership potentials. These courses of Happy Marian Advanced Teenagers Department inspire teenagers’ creativity, impromptu and organization skills to lay a solid foundation for their future careers.
Happy Marian alumni are frequent recipients on international awards and accreditations. They move on to prestigious colleges and universities such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford, NTU, NTHU, NCTU and etc. Their successes and excellences are representative of Happy Marian system’s belief and mission, to groom our future leaders!
Age 2 – 18 American
Curriculum System (J/P)
Age 7-12 Elementary
English System (E/AE)
Age 2 – 18 American
American Curriculum System (J/P)
Age 7-12 Elementary
Elementary English System (E/AE)
Age 2 – 18 American
American Curriculum System (J/P)
Age 7-12 Elementary
Elementary English System (E/AE)


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Curriculum System (J/P) English System (E/AE)

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Curriculum System (J/P) English System (E/AE)
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